Industrial solutions tailored to individual customer needs
Consulting, design, prototypes, manufacturing, and service

Our work starts with the process of R&D by making a prototype, performing necessary measurements and tests, through an organization of mass production in compliance with customer's requirements. We have continued cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology in the context of research. Our services, consulting, and production is used by companies from the US, Western and Eastern Europe, and Poland, including some Polish state bodies.

We specialize mainly in the areas of:
- efficient battery and supercapacitors power sources, for industrial applications
- uninterruptible power supplies 24/7, of small medium and high power
- modern methods of energy processing and recovery
- professional auditory-visual and measuring systems
- post-warranty repairs of third-party products
- advanced modifications to customer's request

Key assumptions and principles:
- we do not undertake to design devices including the artificial aging of products
- we use only branded components, we use the branded substitutes in absence of the original components
- we design without a compromise, on the highest level, with emphasis on ecology and MTBF >100Kh
- orders up to the amount of USD 10'000 net, we execute after paying 100% of the prepayment

Warranty obligations:
- for all products, that we have designed and manufactured, we provide a 2 years warranty
- after sales service of a minimum 5 years since the last produced item
- after a post-warranty service period, we make the service documentation available to the public

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